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Nissan Navara scoops the prestigious ‘2022 Car of the Year’ award’ in the 4 x 4 Double Cab segment

The Nissan Navara has today, been named the official winner of the ‘South Africa Car of the Year’ in 4×4 Double Cab category. The accolade is the result of a vigorous judging process by the South African Guild of Motoring Journalists (SAGMJ) body.

Continuing to redefine the 4 x 4 Double Cab segment with its load-carrying capacity and powertrain which has been engineered to perform on the most rugged of South Africa’s terrain.

The fact that the Nissan Navara is locally-produced makes this accolade even more special. Through a R3 billion investment in 2019, working with policy-makers and collaborating with strategic partners, the Navara has positively contributed towards the nurturing of a buoyant auto sector,” explained Mike Whitfield Managing Director of Nissan Africa.

For Nissan South Africa (NSA), this recognition is testament of what can be achieved through commitment, passion and collaboration. Kabelo Rabotho, Country Director of Nissan South Africa says, “I’m proud to be part of the team that overcame adversity and the effects of COVID-19 to deliver this exceptional bakkie to our customers. This vote of confidence, from our associates and South Africa, acknowledges the endurance of the team that built this award-winning bakkie.” 

“Nissan South Africa congratulates all the participants in this year’s competitive 4×4 Double Cab segment. It is an honour to continue working together in driving our country’s auto-sector forward,” concludes Rabotho. 

Source: Motorpress.

Locally-produced Nissan Navara takes off with all-time high sales

  • New Navara successfully launched in June with the Double Cab
  • The new Navara line-up is the first to be “Built in Africa, for Africa”

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (December 01, 2021) – Nissan South Africa today announced sales figures for the all-new Navara, which launched in the SA market in July. In just four months, vehicle sales have surpassed the previous (full) year’s sales. This has positioned the Navara to be one of the best-selling 2021 vehicles in the 1ton pickup category.

“The success of the new Navara is mainly owed to two things, its value proposition and the fact that is it produced right here at home – made with the South African consumer top of mind”, said Charl Timms, Sales & Operations Director at Nissan South Africa. ”We have been tracking a positive, and organic, month-to-month growth since launch. Currently, Nissan has a market share of 13.4%, which positions us right up to our target.”

The Navara is renowned for its Rugged Redefined looks, robust capabilities, reliability, and versatility, making it one of the most respected models across the Nissan line-up. The vehicle comes with enhanced ride comfort, load-carrying capacity, and a powertrain selected specifically for the South African market.

The new Nissan Navara also offers customers good value for money, with low-running costs, competitive parts pricing, and a competitive fuel efficiency, strong aftersales services, all designed to help your business’s bottom line, while being rugged and tough enough to do the job right.

Timms said:” In October, we completed the line-up with the launch of the Single Cab. Our customer base is very diverse, and this line-up is built to meet all their unique needs – whether it’s a workhorse for their business, family travels or off-road adventures. The Nissan Navara offers a reliable bakkie functionality with a premium drive and innovative safety features, which has contributed to its tremendous success.” Nissan is projecting a steady growth in sales for the Navara range for the next six months, which has potential to significantly grow once the plan is in production at full capacity. “We are incredibly proud to have provided our South African consumers with a vehicle that that is built right here at home and will be part of the country’s legacy, but the premium quality of the vehicle also speaks for itself,” adds Timms.


The Nissan Ariya is put to the test

Expert team evaluates Nissan’s electric crossover SUV for comfort and driving excitement. In the snow-covered landscape of Japan’s northern-most main island, the Nissan Ariya is being put to task. During the development phase, Nissan’s Chief Vehicle Assessment Specialists (CVAS) drive, maneuver, listen and feel the performance of development vehicles in a series of tests. Nissan’s Hokkaido Proving Ground is the perfect setting to judge acceleration, ride handling and quietness with several real-world road conditions including winding roads, steep inclines, and various road surfaces. Watch the embedded video to learn how the CVAS teams’ evaluation provides new insights into customer expectations and how they are pushing the Ariya to further elevate the driving experience for both driver and passengers.

Nissan JUKE – the secret weapon for “carmonious” journeys

  • A new study reveals the top triggers of in-car disputes for European motorists, with dangerous overtaking the number one culprit (39%)
  • 72% identify using a phone or texting while driving as the worst driving habit
  • Safe driving (59%) and great tunes (55%) are crucial ingredients for an enjoyable journey, with music taking priority over nearly everything else
  • In response to the findings, Nissan launches the JUKE crossover’s Stress-Free Driving Guide, bringing harmony to car journeys

Drivers and passengers could reduce the stress of their shared car journeys if they only took some simple steps to plan their journey, their listening material and took some simple steps to drive more considerately. This is the conclusion from the findings of a new survey from Nissan(1) highlighting the most common causes of stress between drivers and passengers on a car journey.

The study discovered that unsafe driving and mobile phone usage are the leading causes of in-car arguments for European motorists. 45% identified using the phone or texting while driving as the principle reason for disputes between occupants. Meanwhile, 39% identified dangerous overtaking as the biggest cause and more than a third of motorists pinpointing last-minute braking (35%) as the top culprits.

European motorists’ top five causes of in-car arguments:

  1. Using the phone while driving/texting while driving (45%)
  2. Dangerous overtaking (39%)
  3. Last-minute braking (35%)
  4. Sudden or harsh braking unnecessarily (33%)
  5. Tailgating (32%)

In response to the feedback of motorists in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, Nissan also launches Nissan JUKE’s Stress-Free Driving Guide. Drawing on the intuitive technology and confidence-inspiring assistance features with which the Nissan JUKE is equipped to reduce the stress of day-to-day driving, the guide shares top tips for drivers and passengers to have an enjoyable and relaxing experience for every outing in the car – helping to keep in-car arguments and their causes at bay.

“As we all look to reconnect with the enjoyment of driving again, it’s crucial to understand that the secret to a harmonious car journey can often be found in the car itself,” said Arnaud Charpentier, Region Vice President, Product Strategy and Pricing, Nissan AMIEO. “This new research confirms Nissan’s belief that the strategy of equipping their vehicle with intuitive technology helps to reduce the stress and maximise the convenience on every journey.”

“Nissan is committed to helping drivers and passengers alike feel safe, comfortable and happy on the road. Offering advanced driving assistance features, seamless connectivity and a premium-feel interior, the Nissan JUKE makes the driving experience both entertaining and relaxing for everyone on-board,” Arnaud Charpentier added.

As well as being the chief causes of in-car friction, unsafe driving and mobile phone usage have an even wider impact for the on-road experience. Nearly three-quarters [72%] of the survey participants state that using the phone while driving or texting behind the wheel are together the worst driving habits and a large source of stress between drivers and passengers.

Furthermore, these traits are even more concerning for European drivers than dangerous overtaking and tailgating, with 59% and 55% selecting these as the worst habits respectively.

When it comes to avoiding in-car arguments, European drivers can call on a range of technological features to maintain in-car harmony. Over a third of respondents [37%] highlighted the use of digital navigation aides as the ideal solution, followed by advanced safety features (34%) such as intelligent cruise control for peace of mind, followed by hands-free mobile phone technology (33%) and driving assistance technologies (32%), such as the around view monitor on the Nissan JUKE which gives a 360 degree of the car’s surroundings, allowing easy and risk-free parking manoeuvres.

Motorists value good tunes above nearly all else for great car journeys

In addition to the top causes of tension on the road, the research also sheds light on what European motorists favour for an enjoyable, stress-free journey.

Safe driving (59%) and good music (55%) are the order of the day for European drivers, with these identified as the most important ingredients for enhancing enjoyment behind the wheel.

Even when being driven by others, half (50%) of European motorists prioritise music as the top way of putting the joy into the journey, as 32% state that agreement on music choices is one of the most important. Coming ahead of finding a good parking spot (24%), top tunes are prized over practicality for European drivers.

Drivers are creatures of comfort

When it comes to the in-car features that make an enjoyable journey, comfort and technology continue to be front-of-mind. Nearly two-thirds [62%] of European motorists choose comfy seats above all, with spacious interiors (43%) the second most-popular – making serenity and relaxation the key priorities for a harmonious and relaxing car journey.

The technological wish-list revealed

European drivers crave multiple aspects of in-vehicle technology to help them behind the wheel; advanced safety features (39%), navigation technology (39%), hands-free mobile phone functionality (36%) and smartphone connectivity (35%) proved to be the most popular for making car journeys more enjoyable.

Featuring seamless connectivity and infotainment with NissanConnect, as well as advanced driving assistance technologies such as Nissan ProPILOT, the Nissan JUKE offers drivers an entertaining and reassuring driving experience. Nissan JUKE’s Stress-Free Driving Guide shows motorists how they can bring more relaxation and harmony to their daily drive:

Nissan JUKE’s Stress-Free Driving Guide

  1. Hands-free for stress-free!

Did you know… New research from Nissan has found that using the phone whilst driving is European drivers’ number one WORST driving habit. As well as being dangerous, it can also cause in-car arguments with passengers who feel unsafe!

JUKE drivers can minimise any discord with their passengers thanks to seamless smartphone integration with NissanConnect, making and receiving hands-free calls simple and safe. And with the compatibility of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, incoming calls and messages can be safely digested.(2)

  1. Good music the key to joyful driving

Did you know… 55% of Europeans believe good music is the most important ingredient for an enjoyable car journey! Have a great journey by ensuring everyone has time to shine as a DJ and taking it in turns to select songs. Agree on a playlist with your passengers before you depart.

JUKE occupants can enjoy their road-trip playlists using JUKE’s NissanConnect infotainment system which connects seamlessly to smartphones, and enjoy exquisite audio with the Bose Personal Plus system for driver and front passenger, either from the JUKE’s onboard player or via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. All passengers can also use JUKE’s In-Car Wi-Fi hotspot to enjoy their own tunes if they prefer! (2)

  1. Smooth sailing

Did you know… 46% of European drivers single out tailgating as one of the most irritating driving habits behind the wheel? Keep any sudden surprises at bay by giving yourself at least two seconds’ following distance to the vehicle in front (remember, this is a bigger gap the faster you are driving!).

JUKE’s ProPILOT advanced driving assistance system not only helps drivers maintain a set distance on the highway – it also accelerates and decelerates to match the car in front and will help the JUKE stay in lane.(2)

  1. Enjoy a break

Did you know… Nearly one in five European drivers admit to battling through tiredness and not stopping regularly on long journeys. We all feel drained during a long car journey, so take the time to pull over and have a rest; whether it’s a nap or a coffee, it’ll keep you alert and everyone on-board safe and sound.

JUKE can identify if the driver is showing signs of fatigue. Intelligent Driver Alertness keeps a watchful eye on the driver’s steering patterns, and alerts them with a chime and a coffee cup icon on the display screen to remind them to take a break.(2)

  1. Spot the car!

Did you know… 56% of European car passengers admit that dangerous and misjudged overtakes make them feel most uneasy in the car. When going for the overtake, always take a good look around to make sure the next lane is clear and there’s nothing coming up quickly behind you.

JUKE’s Blind Spot Intervention gives drivers a heads-up if it detects a vehicle in an adjacent lane on the highway. If the driver doesn’t respond, it will help the car to return to its original lane with braking intervention. (2)

The Nissan JUKE is a compact crossover designed for taming the city streets. Manufactured in Sunderland, UK, it is powered by an efficient 1.0-litre three-cylinder DIG-T turbocharged petrol engine which produces 114 PS(3), giving a compelling combination of agile performance, fuel economy and refinement. Connected services and over-the-air updates make the new JUKE the most connected Nissan ever. Depending on model grade, the car comes with NissanConnect, an 8–inch touch screen monitor, In-Car Wi-Fi hotspot and voice recognition. Nissan’s ProPILOT technology offers electronically assisted steering, acceleration and braking. Designed for highway use in single-lane traffic, ProPILOT is available on JUKE for the first time.


The Upgraded X-Trail Is Set to Delight with the Nissan Connect Infotainment System & Vehicle Enhancements

ROSSLYN, South Africa (March 19, 2021) – Nissan today launched an update to the X-Trail range, which is set to delight drivers with a sophisticated Nissan Connect Infotainment system, an in-vehicle technology suite combining connectivity and entertainment to enhance the Nissan Intelligent Mobility offering.

Designed to reduce distractions and enhance convenience, the Nissan Connect infotainment system featured in the X-Trail integrates ways to stay in touch within a single dash-mounted system. This intuitive system helps every drive go smoother by pointing you exactly where you need to go while keeping you connected for each kilometer of the journey.

“The Nissan X-Trail is one of the world’s bestselling SUV’s, a key vehicle in the Nissan family and a favourite among South African customers. We are constantly creating technology that amps up adventure and elevates the driving experience of our customers with ease and convenience. The Nissan Connect is a system that will provide drivers with an enhanced in-vehicle digital experience and enhanced connectivity. We are excited that these upgrades are now available to the South African market,” said Stefan Haasbroek, Nissan South Africa Marketing Director.

The system allows you to connect your smartphone to the 7’Inch display audio touch screen through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. While you take to the wheel, the new Nissan connect system allows you to access various applications such as google maps and online music streaming services ensuring you reach your destination comfortably.

Additional to the Nissan Connect system the X-Trail is now available with key enhancements added to the Acenta (Mid) & Tekna (High) grade:

-LED headlights

-Reverse camera

-Push start button

-Keyless entry with sensor-controlled power tailgate

Nissan Intelligent Mobility (NIM)

The X-Trail stays true to the ethos of Nissan Intelligent Mobility with technology designed to make every journey as seamless and effortless as possible. NIM features available on the Tekna (High) grade include:

  • Intelligent Blind Spot Intervention– alerts the driver to the presence of vehicles in blind spots diagonally behind the car.
  • Intelligent Lane Intervention– alerts the driver when it detects that the X-Trail is straying from its lane.
  • Intelligent Cross Traffic Alert – when backing out of a parking space, this feature can detect and warn the driver of vehicles that are approaching behind the X-Trail.
  • Intelligent Emergency Braking – uses radar technology to keep an eye on your speed and proximity to the vehicle in front of you and will alert the driver before engaging the brakes.
  • Intelligent Forward Collision Warning – helps alert drivers of an impending collision with a slower moving or stationary car.
  • Intelligent Auto Headlights – automatically changes between high and low beams when it detects oncoming vehicles at night.
  • Intelligent Around View Monitor with moving object detection – a support technology that assists drivers to park more easily by providing a better understanding of the vehicle’s surroundings, giving the driver a 360 bird’s eye view.

The Nissan X-Trail is available in South Africa from March 2021.

Recommended Retail Pricing:

  • X-TRAIL 2.0 VISIA 7S                   R462 000
  • X-TRAIL 2.5 Acenta CVT 4WD        R508 900
  • X-TRAIL 2.5 Acenta CVT 4WD 7s    R513 900
  • X-TRAIL 1.6 dci Tekna 4WD           R585 900
  • X-TRAIL 2.5 Tekna CVT 4WD 7s     R599 900

Recommended Retail Price includes 3yr/90,000 km Service Plan and 6yr/150,000km warranty.


Nissan announces new Chairperson for Africa, Middle East, India, Europe and Oceania region

ROSSLYN, South Africa – (March 12, 2021) – Nissan Motor Co. Ltd has announced Guillaume Cartier as its new Chairperson for the Africa, Middle East, India, Europe and Oceania (AMIEO) region.

Effective April 1st, Cartier will lead all Nissan operations in the region, which covers more than 140 markets across four continents with a population of around 3.8 billion people, representing more than 30% of global vehicle sales.

With over 25 years’ experience at Nissan and in the Alliance in global and regional leadership positions, Cartier will lead the new region as the Nissan NEXT transformation plan continues to gather pace and with key models in Europe including Qashqai and Ariya launching soon, and as the brand continues to grow in the AMIO markets, thanks to a powerful vehicle line-up ranging from the iconic Patrol to the recently launched Magnite in India.

Cartier said: “I am thrilled to be leading this culturally rich and diverse region into a period of unprecedented change for the automotive industry, and with a refreshed range of Nissan models and technologies coming to the market.

“A new period of sustainable growth is beginning for Nissan, as we continue to progress the Nissan NEXT transformation plan, accelerating our journey towards a fully electrified line-up in Europe by 2023, and bringing our enhanced product line-up to our growing loyal customer base in Africa, the Middle East, India and Oceania.”

Currently Vice-Chairperson of the AMIEO region and AMI President, Cartier first joined Nissan in 1995 as after-sales manager and went on to hold a number of senior management positions in the Alliance, including AMI Chairperson, head of the Global Datsun Business Unit, Executive Officer and Senior Vice President for Mitsubishi Motors, and Senior Vice President for Sales and Marketing in Europe. Cartier will report to vice-chief performance officer and chief quality officer, Christian Vandenhende.

Cartier will replace Gianluca De Ficchy, who served for three years as Chairperson of Nissan Europe and latterly of the expanded AMIEO region. De Ficchy takes on a new senior role within the Alliance which is a subject of a separate release.

De Ficchy said: “I have been proud to lead the region through a challenging period, and I am confident that the company is now in a stronger position and with a solid base for future growth. I would like to thank the full team in AMIEO and wish them every success for the future.”

Cartier will be replaced as AMIEO Region Senior Vice President for Sales & Marketing by Leon Dorssers also effective from April 1st and reporting to Cartier covering all AMIEO Region Sales & Marketing functions including Sales, Dealer Network, Product Strategy & Pricing, Brand and Customer Experience.

Currently based at Global Headquarters in Japan as Senior Vice President for Global Sales, Product Marketing and Customer Quality & Dealer Network Development, Dorssers joined Nissan as a graduate trainee in 1992 and has since held multiple sales & marketing functions in country, regional and global leadership positions.

Dorssers said: “The new AMIEO region will enable Nissan to be more competitive across our operations and allow us to deploy the latest technologies consistently and faster to our customers across the region.

“With models like Ariya, Qashqai, Magnite and Kicks, and technologies like e-POWER and ProPILOT, we’ve already given our customers a taste of what’s to come from Nissan, and the coming years will be even more innovative and electrified.




  • A special launch version to showcase Nissan’s innovative and convenient technology
  • An extended palette of two-tone colour options and even more convenience features

ROSSLYN, South Africa, 18 February 2021 – The order books open today in Europe on the all-new Nissan Qashqai, the third generation of the pioneering crossover, with first customers being offered a special launch version called the Premiere Edition.

Nissan South Africa confirmed that the all-new Qashqai will make its debut in South and Sub-Saharan Africa later in the 2021 Financial Year with exact timing and spec to be released in due course.

Showcasing the advanced technology available on the new Qashqai, the Premiere Edition will offer customers unprecedented convenience features which are normally found in upper automotive segments.

“As part of the Nissan Next Transformation Plan in our region, we are excited to welcome the new edition to the Qashqai family later this year. Fourteen years after creating the crossover segment, we are confident that this model will be a game changer. This pioneering model will be in South and Sub-Saharan Africa in the latter part of the 2021 Financial Year for both regions, respectively, and we are looking forward to a completely renewed design inside and out, innovative technologies and electrified power on our roads,” said Stefan Haasbroek, Nissan South Africa Marketing Director.

The central screen is a 9” TFT screen which houses Nissan’s upgraded infotainment system, while an additional 12” TFT configurable screen sits in front of the driver, replacing the traditional dials.

To complement the high definition TFT screen, the driver will also benefit from a 10.8-inch Head-Up Display (HUD), the largest in the segment, offering speed, navigation directions and road information directly in the driver’s line-of-sight. Taking into account the two screens, and the head-up display – the driver has easy and convenient access to key information while driving.

Additional convenience comes in the form of a wireless charging pad, allowing occupants to easily charge their smartphones. At 15w, the wireless charging unit is among the most powerful in the segment. And while the smartphone is charging wirelessly, suitably equipped iPhones can connect to the Qashqai via wireless Apple CarPlay®, allowing seamless usage of many of the phone’s apps. Additional connectivity is available for all occupants, with a total of 4 USB charging ports, with 2 USB-A and 2 USB-C ports.

A lot of the technological updates on the new Qashqai work quietly in the background, acting as an extra pair of eyes.

The Premiere Edition Qashqai will be available with the newly upgraded ProPILOT with Navi-link, which brings greater driver support in a wider array of circumstances, for peace of mind in all driving scenarios.

At night, the driver will appreciate the LED matrix headlights that are equipped with advanced driving beam technology. The headlights emit a strong, bright beam with a large range, giving excellent visibility. When an approaching vehicle is detected, the beam effectively changes shape to have the effect of putting the oncoming vehicle in a shadow, so the driver isn’t dazzled, but the rest of the road remains clearly illuminated.

Two tone colours

The styling has always been at the heart of the success of the Qashqai, and the appeal of the Qashqai Premiere Edition has been elevated thanks to the introduction of a palette of two-tone colour options for a more personalised choice. The following body colours are available with a striking black roof: new blue, pearl grey and pearl white, while the black body colour is available with a grey roof. The Premiere Edition also features neatly integrated roof rails, which are finished in a matt silver.

Additional aesthetic appeal comes in the form of new 18-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels, which complement the new Qashqai’s stance, which is more purposeful thanks to the longer wheelbase and sharp shoulder lines over the wheels.

Life-on-board is given an airy feel thanks to the panoramic roof, with a powered sliding blind to protect occupants on hot and sunny days.

The interior follows a classic format, with black cloth trim, black dashboard and centre console, which combine to give the interior an air of refinement and pedigree, while a grey roof trim prevents the overall ambience from being oppressive. The grey roof lining also reinforces the additional interior head, knee and shoulder space that has been generated thanks to the longer wheelbase and smart packaging of the CMF-C platform.

Efficient mild hybrid technology

The new Qashqai Premiere Edition is powered by a highly evolved iteration of the 1.3-litre turbocharged petrol engine found on the current Qashqai. However, Nissan’s engineers have developed it to include mild hybrid technology which enhances its efficiency. Thanks to the addition of a secondary Lithium-ion battery system, the new Qashqai offers extended idle stop, quicker restart and coasting stop (automatic only).

The system will even boost torque under acceleration, offering an additional 6Nm for up to 20 seconds.

The 1.3-litre engine in the Premiere Edition is available in two configurations: 138hp with six-speed manual gearbox, or 156hp coupled with Nissan’s advanced Xtronic gearbox, which is operated via the new, convenient gear selector on the centre console. Additionally, manual control of the Xtronic can be managed via paddles behind the steering wheel.

To give customers of the all-new Qashqai the chance to embrace and enjoy its combination of striking design, convenient and intuitive technology with dynamic, efficient performance, the Premiere Edition Qashqai is a compelling package. Those first customers of the new Qashqai will be turning heads wherever they drive the new Premiere Edition model and we are confident it will more than live up to their expectations,” said Arnaud Charpentier, Vice President, Product Marketing, Nissan Automotive Europe.



Introducing the New Nissan Navara

The new Nissan Navara – redefining how we move with Nissan Intelligent Mobility The new Nissan Navara model returns with best-in-class technology through Nissan Intelligent Mobility (NIM), making it the most advanced technology-savvy Navara to date.
The integration of these technologies provides superior levels of comfort and convenience, enabling customers to feel confident in using their vehicle for both work and play. Intelligent Driving is also available with driver assistance technologies that help you see more, sense more and take action.
“With the new Navara, Nissan once again brings the latest advanced NIM technology that is leading the pickup segment, bringing the best of Japanese technology to ensure enhanced dynamic performance on- and off-road, as well as safety and comfort ushering in a new age of toughness, tech and seamless drives,” said Stefan Haasbroek, Nissan South Africa Marketing Director.
Among the impressive technology is Intelligent Forward Collision Warning, which monitors sudden movements of two vehicles ahead as well as the vehicle directly in front by visually and audibly alerts the driver of potential risk of a forward collision. This is directly in line with Nissan’s concept of “vehicles that help protect people” which seeks to support the safety of the driver in a variety of scenarios including preventing collisions where possible and, in case of unavoidable collisions, mitigating damage and injuries. Intelligent Emergency Braking monitors and warns the driver of any sudden movements in front of the vehicle and brakes to avoid collisions, a feature that is highly applicable when maneuvering busy streets with traffic.
For drivers who travel long distances or often have long days, Intelligent Driver Alertness is a great feature that supports safety and convenience with visual alerts encouraging the driver to take breaks an audible alerts when changes in driving style or steering behaviour are detected. To better support visibility and enhanced safety at night moreover, Intelligent High Beam Assist automatically switches headlights to low beam from high beam when it detects a vehicle ahead to reduce driving burden.
Lane Departure Warning further supports this, warning drivers if they begin to stray outside of their lane without signalling and for an added boost of confidence, drivers can count on Blind Spot Warning, which assists the driver to avoid a collision by detecting vehicles in the blind spot area when changing lanes.
Adding to the pickup’s safety features is Intelligent Around View Monitor (Around View Monitor with Moving Object Detection), which uses four mounted cameras to help drivers notice people and cars surrounding and approaching the vehicle. This enables easier maneuvering when performing tasks such as parallel parking and positioning of the vehicle during trailer hitching.
Finally, Rear Cross Traffic Alert reduces the stress that comes with limited visibility when backing out of a parking spot by warning the driver with an audible alert when there is risk of collision with a vehicle crossing into the rearward direction of the reversing vehicle.

The introduction of Nissan Intelligent Mobility features in the new Navara are surely designed to redefine how we move, equipping drivers with the tools to be more confident, connected, and safer on the road.


Nissan sets carbon neutral goal for 2050

100 of all-new vehicle offerings in key markets to be electrified by the early 2030s

YOKOHAMA, Japan (Jan. 27, 2021) – Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. has set the goal to achieve carbon neutrality across the company’s operations and the life cycle of its products by 2050.1 As part of this effort, by the early 2030s every all-new Nissan vehicle offering in key markets will be electrified.

Nissan will pursue further innovations in electrification and manufacturing technology to make progress on the company’s carbon neutrality goal in the following strategic areas:

  • Battery innovations including solid-state and related technologies to develop cost-competitive and more efficient electric vehicles;
  • Further development of Nissan’s e-POWER electrified powertrains to achieve greater energy efficiency;
  • Development of a battery ecosystem to support decentralized, onsite power generation for buildings with renewable energy sources. Nissan anticipates increased collaboration with the energy sector to support the decarbonization of power grids;
  • Manufacturing process innovations to support higher productivity in vehicle assembly, starting with the Nissan Intelligent Factory initiative. The company will also strive for greater energy and material efficiencies to support longer-term carbon neutrality ambitions.

“We’re determined to help create a carbon neutral society and accelerate the global effort against climate change,” said Nissan CEO Makoto Uchida. “Our offering in electrified vehicles will continue to expand around the world, and this will make a major contribution to Nissan becoming carbon neutral. We will continue to drive innovation that enriches people’s lives as we pursue a sustainable future for all.”

Nissan’s goal builds on its decades-long programs to reduce emissions and provide electric vehicle technologies that benefit the environment and society. The company’s electrification and emissions reduction efforts support the aims of the U.N. Paris Agreement on climate change and global progress toward carbon neutrality by 2050.

Nissan’s ambition also expands upon past initiatives under the Nissan Green Program and the company’s ongoing work to minimize the carbon footprint of its products and operations. The company introduced the world’s first mass-market electric car, the Nissan LEAF, and has sold more than 500,000 of the zero-emission vehicle to date. Nissan also continues to work with industry coalitions and authorities to develop infrastructure and raise public awareness about the benefits of electric vehicles.

With 100% of all-new vehicle offerings to be electrified in the key markets of Japan, China, the U.S. and Europe by the early 2030s, Nissan will also be among the leaders in driving the adoption of electric vehicle technology.

Nissan believes the automotive industry can be a driving force in meeting global environmental and climate needs through a commitment to innovation and impact reduction by collaborating with authorities and partners worldwide. When combined with the expansion of renewable energy and charging infrastructure, vehicle electrification and sustainable operations can help accelerate the arrival of a carbon neutral future.


SA a pivotal market ahead of new Navara production

Nissan has described South Africa as a “pivotal market” ahead of the start of local production of Nissan has described South Africa as a “pivotal market” ahead of the start of local production of the refreshed Navara. The Japanese firm plans to start building the updated bakkie for local and export markets at its Rosslyn plant in Pretoria later in 2021. The R3-billion investment will see the Navara added to the production line alongside the NP300 Hardbody and half-tonne NP200. The local Navara range is expected to grow from the current double-cab-only line-up to one that includes a broader range of body styles. Mike Whitfield, managing director of Nissan’s Africa regional business unit, said South Africa had a key role to play in the company’s broader plans for the continent. “South Africa remains a pivotal market, first for the access that it grants Nissan to the continent and secondly as a light commercial vehicle hub for the Nissan group. Whitfield furthermore confirmed the automaker was looking at opportunities in other African countries after entering automotive policy discussions with the Kenyan government and taking investment action “a step further” in Ghana. “We have a specific team working on potential opportunities in East, West, and Central Africa. This includes investigating options for local assembly, consolidating and strengthening our national sales companies in Sub-Sahara, and working with local governments to develop their industrial policies.” Back in South Africa, Nissan says the latest investment has resulted in a “modernised” Rosslyn plant that now features a “new, flexible production line and additional facilities”. Nissan SA says it has also “incubated” eight new component manufacturers and related companies as well as identified a further 15 that can assist with components for the facelifted Navara.


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